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Masking and Covering Well

Covering surfaces effectively and safely is a duty every professional craftsman has to fulfill. Otherwise, dissatisfied customers and disputes over the bill may result. Splashes of paint, smudges of any kind, or uneven paint edges should not cloud the joy of a successful paint job. Especially since surfaces today are often more delicate, more and better coverage is required. There are a few things to consider when doing so.

The Alternatives in Detail

Benefits of Brand-Name Products

What is the most important thing for professionals when it comes to masking and covering? It really needs to work (as perfectly as possible)! That’s the whole point of professional products, brand-name quality and other quality guarantees that you can rely on. Losing time because of bad adhesive tapes and masking materials? For professional painters, having to rework areas and causing damage due to poor tools and the properties of the products used are an expensive annoyance. After all, time is the most precious thing you have and stand to lose as a painter. Hence, the sometimes slightly higher price does not matter if the product effectively saves time and reduces risks. Slightly cheaper can end up much more expensive! Which is why quality is the most important.

Avoid smudges at all costs!

Delicate surfaces such as wallpaper or textured plaster often “just” need to be securely protected against smudges. In such cases, an easily removable adhesive tape such as Kip 209 WASHI-TEC® Wallpaper is the perfect solution. Because A) the Washi backing flexibly conforms to the surface contours and B) the special natural latex adhesive guarantees problem-free removal from delicate surfaces – problem solved!

Removing adhesive tapes correctly

It is always (!) important to pull off the adhesive tapes correctly: Pull them off the coating as evenly as possible – not hastily nor with a jerking motion – immediately after initial drying. Do not wait until it has completely dried through. The ideal peeling angle is 30° to 45° – parallel to the coated surface, but not against the paint edge.

Professional Testimonials

How to Paint Doors using a Professional Paint Sprayer. Airless Spray like a Pro. By Pete Edwards of @paint_hq

A review of Kip 209 Washi-Tec for Wallpaper Masking Tape and Kip 234 Masker with Paper by Peter Edwards of @paint_hq


A review of Kip Masking Tape by Chameleon Windows Restoration and Decoration

Our teams refurbish and spray paint historic wooden windows. When it comes to spray painting, masking products have to be of exceptional quality to protect surrounding areas. Masking tape must stick to all surfaces but at the same time it should not damage them on removal. Kip masking products are absolutely spot on. They outperform other brands not just in good weather conditions but also in situations with high levels of humidity.
Our teams know they can rely on Kip masking products in early mornings when preparing windows for spray painting. Having been spray painting windows for over 10 years, we had time to test and try different products and we can say with confidence that Kip has the best masking products on the market.
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A review of Kip 238 Premium Washi-Tec Masking Tape by Rick Appleton of RA Painting Service, Basildon

Tape is such a valued and important tool in a decorator’s arsenal, and we’re all aware of the larger, more mainstream brands such as frogtape, 3m and tesa extra. Kip are a new name on the scene, but, just because it is not as well known, certainly does not mean it is an inferior product. After trialing the gold washi-tec tape out on a few different scenarios I was pleasantly surprised with the outcomes when removing said tape from a surface.
I had positive thoughts about the product from the get go. I like the fact that the tape is extremely thin, meaning you can almost get it under the tiniest gaps between the flooring and skirting board for example. Also, when handling the tape and tearing it to lengths to mask up, I did notice that even when just tearing it without marking lengths it tore straight and even. Even some of the more established tapes I’ve used have torn centrally. Therefore, on a hand masker, you should not have any problems having a straight cut.
One of my pet hates with taping up is when you pull the length you need, tear it, and all of a sudden it starts ravelling back up on itself, a trait that is even worse with the more hi tack tapes. With the Kip gold washi-tec when torn in the hands, I was pleased to find that it stayed where it needed to stay, and didn’t roll back, twist or get stuck to itself. This is a huge tick in the box. When up a ladder or in another awkward area where you may just need to get the taping done quickly this tape will help save time by being ready for you.
I would class the gold washi-tec tape as a medium tack tape. I’ve tried pushing to see how far this tape can go and again was pleased with the results. Even on non dusted or hoovered new amtico flooring, the tape stayed in position for a whole week without any areas lifting, even after running a hoover over it. This test proved that even somebody not in the trade could still be successful in a quick DIY job as the tape sticks nicely in a more common set of circumstances. Of course, with a prepared surface (I tried a clean metal tile edging bead with old silicone) the tape did what it’s set out to do and gave me a razor sharp line whilst entirely protecting the surface that was taped up. A clean tape pull is so satisfying to see and the gold washi-tec will give you great results on many different surfaces.

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A review of Kip 209 Washi-Tec for Wallpaper Masking Tape by Rick Appleton of RA Painting Service, Basildon

Finding the right tape for the right job is critical. In my experience, I believe that finding a low tack tape is probably harder than finding a precision tape or even a general masking tape, such is the necessity to have tape that ultimately sticks well to the surface first. Thankfully, Kip’s washi-tec sensitive might be the answer.
Similar in kind to the recently reviewed gold kip tape, the washi-tec is extremely thin, easy to handle, and has enough stick to stay in place whilst at the same time reducing the amount of tack in order for you to tape off even the freshest cured paint surfaces.
After using this sensitive tape on multiple jobs I am extremely happy with how it performs. Having mentioned the pleasing ratio of sticking well whilst reducing tackiness, this tape also excels in terms of strength. Even with a harsh tape pull, it stayed in one piece, and did not tear into multiple pieces like certain other tapes have done following an aggressive pull. Although it wasn’t always a 100% crisp line when being removed, the paint bleed was minor, and I would probably admit that was down to user error rather than deficiencies with the tape. Similarly, on occasions the tape has pulled paint from newly painted surfaces off after a lack of patience from the user, but again this works both ways and also highlights the strength of the tape, as it didn’t disintegrate before my eyes.
With almost every brand having a delicate surface tape available to purchase, the Kip wallpaper tape is up there with the best of them. I found the tape easy to use, to cut to shape and to remove in full lengths. As long as you are patient and ensure surfaces are fully cured, users of this tape will have successful results time and time again.


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