KIP® WASHI-TEC®- not just another painter´s tape.

In Japan, where quality and reliability are a point of honour, centuries-old traditions and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand. As the solution for clean, razor-sharp lines, Kip® WASHI-TEC® is no different. Produced exclusively in Japan, our tapes are made entirely from washi paper and reinforced with extra-long JINZOKEI® fibres.

WASHI-TEC® Premium

A true all-rounder thanks to its good waterproofing and adhesive power.

WASHI-TEC® Wallpaper

For delicate surfaces such as wallpaper, paper and plaster.

WASHI-TEC® Outdoor

Tough adhesive tape for outdoor use.


In Japan, making washi paper is a tradition steeped process that includes reinforcing the paper with JINZOKEI® or kidney-shaped fibres. Thanks to their unique structure, these extra-long fibres ensure that the tape is both very thin and highly tear-resistant.

Paper has long been central to everyday life in Japan. Passed down the generations since the seventh century, traditional papermaking includes crafting soft yet strong washi paper. In fact, in the Land of the Rising Sun it’s synonymous with quality and durability. While adhesive tape can be made with various types of paper, only genuine Japanese washi paper is used for WASHI-TEC®.

Reinforced with synthetic fibres, washi tape is exceptionally flexible and tear-resistant. Unlike other products strengthened only with fibres whose cross section is round, Kip® WASHI-TEC® uses extra-long, high-quality fibres. Known as JINZOKEI® or kidneyshaped fibres in Japanese, they outperform everything else out there with their extraordinary tensile strength and tear resistance.


No compromise. Promise.

Only the best of everything goes into WASHI-TEC® tape. That’s why this especially thin tape not only moulds to contours but is also tear-resistant and sturdy. It’s easy to apply precisely and prevents the paint from bleeding, so you get razor-sharp paint edges.

All WASHI-TEC® products have one thing in common: They are engineered in the same way and reinforced with JINZOKEI® fibres. Depending on the nature of the intended application, their material and adhesive strength vary.

As the icing on top, WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes are impregnated to ensure optimum moisture and tear resistance.

Draws a line and sticks to it

According to an old Japanese proverb, power arises from an unseen source. That’s certainly true of one of WASHI-TEC® tapes’ key strengths – their invisible adhesive.

There are a number of forces at play in an adhesive. Cohesive force makes the glue molecules hold on to each other, while the adhesive force makes them stick to a surface.

The adhesive designed for Kip® WASHI-TEC® harnesses adhesion and cohesion to best effect. That means the tapes are not only largely impervious to external influences, such as temperature, humidity, etc., but also boast a uniquely balanced adhesive strength. To top it all off, easy-to-remove WASHI-TEC® tapes leave no residue and are UV-resistant.

Reasons you’ll be glued to WASHI-TEC®

Different types of tape need different adhesives. After all, the adhesive’s composition and properties determine its quality.

WASHI-TEC® tapes feature a high-quality adhesive that is exceptionally moisture- and water-resistant. Including additives significantly increases the adhesive’s durability and UV resistance. All of which makes WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes exceptionally robust.

Indoor service life

Specifies how long the adhesive tape can remain in place indoors before painting without leaving any residues upon removal.

Outdoor service life

Specifies how long the adhesive tape can remain in place outdoors before painting without leaving any residues upon removal.

Temperature resistance

Specifies the temperature that an adhesive tape can withstand for a short period after being affixed in place without becoming damaged

Adhesive strength (steel)

Specifies how much force measured in newtons is required to remove a 10 mm wide adhesive tape at an angle of 180 degrees and at a uniform and defined speed from a polished steel plate.